Bindeisha Vidro-Diamante-Glass Museum |Dogo,Matsuyama,Ehime

Bindeisha Vidro-Diamante-Glass Museum is housed in a renovated western style building. At any given time, from 100 to 150 rare works of Japanese glass are on exhibit in five exhibition rooms on the first through third floors. An additional exhibition room lies in an adjoining building. The brick chimney of the classic, western styled main building serves as a landmark for first-time visitors. Inside, specially designed cases equipped with the latest LED lighting allow visitors to enjoy the beauty of Vidro and Diamante glass works. Treated to masterpiece after masterpiece of Japanese glass, visitors will be charmed and captivated by the beauty and depth of the works on display. They will also have an opportunity to view works free of display cases in a one of a kind exhibition space that allows viewers to slip back in time to the Edo period and experience Japanese glass in its element. Guests can also visit our charming and modern, red-themed tea room to enjoy a view of our garden and drink matcha from tea bowls dating back to the Edo period. To help our visitors enjoy life more fully, selected antiques and antiquities are available for purchase in the small shop located in the tea room.


Bindeisha Collections
Collections housed at the Museum are unique in that all of pieces have been selected to show the “form” and “color” of Japan and its unique glass products. There are three main collections: Examples of exquisite craftsmanship; rarities; and set-pieces. Examples of exquisite craftsmanship include the Three-tiered Tri-colored Round Food Box, the Goldfish Bowl with Gilded Wave Crest Pattern, the Four-tiered Box Decorated with Glass Beads, and the Six-screen Glass Bead Folding Screen. Rarities include calligraphy sets, decorations for the Hina Doll Festival, hair ornaments, lanterns, enameled glass paintings, and glass beads. Set-pieces include sets of five to 10 dishes and bowls, drinking vessels for sake, and other set-pieces that show us how interesting and fun multiple pieces of the same type of vessels can be.